Many of us probably feel that we’re doing the best we can for our children’s education, given where we live, what languages they speak, what we can afford. And yet probably most of us feel a bit discouraged — even guilty — if we’ve put our kids in more traditional schools where the curriculum isn’t as future-proof as we’d like.

Our kids learn within a system of education devised for a world that increasingly does not exist. Given that our children will very likely have jobs that don’t exist today, a better focus might be on skill development: problem solving, creativity, application of technology, cross-discipline collaboration and the emotional intelligence required to work in groups or teams. And thinking about the pressures put on kids today, a better structure might be more individualized, responsive and agile.

We believe that success does not just mean good grades or, in due course, financial benefits. Success is really about realizing dreams and thriving in a world that’s seeping with endless questions. Being a lifelong learner fans the kind of passion that propels children to become the innovators of the future along a wide spectrum of disciplines.

We want to help our kids become lifelong learners. But the schools aren’t really helping us. It’s like we need to throw them a lifeline. That’s why we developed this lifeline learning program, to begin to tackle some of the learning and discovery challenges we believe remain unmet, at least here in Barcelona.