Lifeline Learning is a community of parents, children, educators, scientist, makers and entrepreneurs that wanted to re-imagine education in a new environment with diverse educational methodologies. The programs have two “teaching” roles, the guru and the facilitator. Neither are considered traditional teachers but rather attentive observers ready to contribute the right stimulus at the kids at the right time in order to have them discover something new and to respond to their own natural curiosity.


The Gurus

The guru is a subject matter expert and content – focused and deeply passionate about their field (think makers, tinkerers, hackers, explorers, scientists, design thinkers, storytellers, adventurers). The guru speaks from a space of passion and practice about the subject.


Jonathan holds a masters degree MSC in ‘International Cooperation, Sustainable Emergency Architecture.’ He’s worked on housing and development projects with Habitat for Humanity in Costa Rica and in Barcelona, UNESCO in Cuba and with ‘Basic Initiative’ in Tunisia. He’s engaged with projects at multiple scales that aim to democratize access to technology and encourage local manufacturing through education.

Jonathan setup and coordinated the Green Fab Lab and the IAAC Valldaura Campus in Barcelona. He engaged the ‘Fab Academy’ and ‘How to Grow almost Anything’ branches of the distributed education systems through MIT and Stanford universities at the Green Fab Lab. He’s a co-founder of the Open Source Beehives network (OSBH), the Zero Series circular economy and Design Almanac workshops at Valldaura.

Jonathan makes people connect.




Will is a scientist-tinkerer currently pursuing a doctorate in evolutionary genomics at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra His doctoral research is about evolution; specifically, he wants to find out where new genes come from. He is passionate about biology, programming, education, and the environment.

Will is originally from Rochester, New York; he has been living in Spain for the last 4 years, and would like to spend at least a few years living on each continent. Will has too many hobbies including (but not limited to) gardening, geocaching, beekeeping, DIY electronics, upcycling, and SCUBA diving. Will once started a beehive in his backyard by using a vacuum cleaner to suck up a big swarm of bees that had invaded a playground at a school.

Will makes people try.




Nicolò is a software engineer and one of the founders of MadeBCN, the first maker space in Barcelona. Nicoló has a strong innovative drive and transmits his love for experimenting with technology and computers by creatively teaching kids how to re-make technology into something smarter and sustainable. He holds a Master in Software Engineering from the Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden and a degree in Software Engineering from the University of Bolzano, Italy.

Nicoló makes people think.




Thom is the founder of maker.ie where people build their own instruments and make their own music. He’s an educator, an electronic engineer and a musician. Thom designs audio equipment and Do-It-Yourself kits to teach musicians, artists and young people how to use creative technologies to make music.

He firmly believe everyone is capable of understanding technology and learning electronics, that it just needs to be presented in a format that they can relate to. He is the force behind our soldering workshops, which are very popular among our young makers.

Thom makes people create.





Ugo is a software engineer turned maker, with passion for scavenging, reusing and upcycling. He is a co-founder of the MADE Makerspace and curator for the Nowhere Art Festival. He enjoys learning unrelated skills and combining them in unexpected ways, sometimes for profit, sometimes for the sheer joy of trying new things.

Ugo makes people experiment.




Xavi is expert at audiovisual production for television, cinema and theatre. He was third director on The Triplets, Juanito Jones, el Bosque Animado, and Don Quixote, among others. He is one of the coordinators of Made BCN where he develops interactive projects for enterprises and schools among contributing on the hack-a-thons for World Mobile Congress and Sonar among others.

He makes people interact.





Ferran is a computer scientist, urban ecologist and an extremely active member of the maker community in Barcelona. He is author of the book, Aprender a Usar, Raspberry Pi con 100 Ejercicios Practicos.

Ferran makes people make.





The Facilitators

The facilitator is the master of group dynamics, learning patterns, visual design and process-focused (similar to a scrum-master). Facilitators help the group work together more collaboratively, more productively, and help the young makers reflect on and internalize what they’re learning.



Mela facilitates group dynamics, and learning, by turning words, ideas and concepts into pictures. She’s an engineer, a geek and a facilitator. She has an authentic way of inspiring groups to work better, to learn, to create and to innovate. She’s had a significant role in developing the Lifeline Learning vision and mission, designing many of the learning modules in the Maker Lab. Mela has an extraordinary capacity to generate original ideas and turn them into a process that engages kids and their creativity.

Mela makes people cooperate.






Tim has twenty years of experience in corporate selling, workshop design and facilitation. He has a special passion and talent for working with kids. He helps groups to understand that in order to make progress, the attitude and capacity to of work collaboratively is essential. His focus is breakthrough learning that invites new behaviors by individuals. Tim is also the author of Never Be Closing, a book that explores the natural marriage between selling and Creative Problem Solving.

Tim makes people excited.




The Organizers

Three good friends grew tired of complaining about what wasn’t happening for their children at school, and put their energy together to do something, to create Lifeline Learning. They are the founders of Lifeline Learning:



Samantha’s official job is building advanced financial services. She invents, invests and incubates businesses from start-ups to corporations. Her real passion is being an explorer and an achiever. From traveling the world to dedicating her energy to the most different projects, she thrives turning good ideas into reality.

Originally from Turin, Italy, Samantha graduated from the London School of Economics and still keeps her working headquarter in London although Barcelona is where she and her family are at home. She’s the mother of two beautiful daughters, Alice and Daphne.

Sam has been the driving force behind Lifeline Learning.





Maggie’s specialty is designing and facilitating events that provoke innovation: creativity workshops, leadership development programs, and helping scientists develop more innovative research proposals. She’s part of the facilitation team at Knowinnovation, and head of its newest division, Inclusive Innovation, which uses the same methodology to accelerate innovation within the field of economic development.

Maggie is a graduate of Brown University with an A.B. in History and an A.B. in Semiotics. She’s been an expat for nearly twenty-five years, most of that time in Paris, though now she’s based in Barcelona. She has two bright daughters, Molly and Ruby.

Maggie has been the creative force behind Lifeline Learning.





Diletta is a journalist and author who enjoyed her career in television until she discovered her true passion and became a full-time advocate for sustainability. She focuses especially on responsible consumption and education. Her work develops through NGO management. She is founder and president of Valueloops a not for profit organization aimed to develop solutions to integrate the economic, social and environmental aspects of the activities of all types of organizations, through the creation, dissemination, and implementation of sustainable and environmentally friendly circular economic action models.

She graduated from The University of Rome La Sapienza in Corporate and Media Communication and obtained an MD in International Public Relations. She’s lived in Italy, in Santa Monica, California, and now in the hills of Barcelona. She has two really creative kids, Nicoló and Mariasole.

Diletta is the sustainable force behind Lifeline Learning.