Sustainable Sunday at Cosmo Caixa, we were there!


Lifeline Learning was part of the Sustainable Sunday, an all-day event held at Cosmo Caixa on May 22nd, 2016.

Toys from Trash

We were proud to contribute to this day dedicated introducing families and kids to aspects of living in a more sustainable way. It was an occasion to get informed and have some fun while learning new facts about sustainability.

Our workshop created an opportunity for kids to participate in the transformation of trash to toys. We were inspired by the work of inventor and educator Arvind Gupta, who dedicated 30 years of his life designing and building educational toys for poor kids in India, using everyday materials often taken from trash. His TED talk has been nominated one of the best 10 TED talks of all the time.


Our workshop was designed for young people of any age. One of the things we focused on: PLASTIC, a material that is massively present in all of our lives.

taponesWhat happen to plastic when we throw it away? The workshop was meant to inspire a reflection about the overuse in our daily life of plastic materials, and the consequences of this for the environment.

What is the ingredient that can make us see beyond something we think is just trash? CREATIVITY of course! During the workshops kids learned while creating a toy out of a plastic bottle. How did we do it? By transforming a used plastic bottle and some plastic caps into a racing car! The bottle cars built by the kids then had a race (for real) and the best engineer received a trophy!