Summer Camp

It is an exciting time at Lifeline Learning as we launch our Sustainable Summer Camp! After the weekend pilot last fall we decided that sustainability is going to be a main theme among our programs. The camp will take place from July 10th-14th in our beloved Valldaura FabLab location in the hills above Barcelona.

The goal is to foster a culture of sustainability for the whole community, by raising awareness of young people. The program aims to empower youth to develop leadership skills while educating their peers about environmental issues. Our green team of gurus has developed targeted workshops to stimulate kids’ curiosity about health end environmental issues connected with their everyday life and help them develop conscious sustainable lifestyle habits.

The Carbon Free Thinkers Program is dedicated to climate change education and engagement for young people, using participatory, interactive workshops and a solutions-based approach to environmental problems. By promoting both critical thinking and a holistic view of the connection between humans and nature, we hope to promote deeper learning that will not only increase the campers’ knowledge, but also promote a proactive attitude in their lives, and ultimately inspire positive change in the future.

Participants will work in three main environments:

The organic Garden

In-classroom and outdoor workshops explore how land-use and human activities affect soil quality in our local area. Participants take part in presentations on the function and importance of a regenerative agriculture as well as a variety of games and hands-on stewardship activities such as litter cleanups, riparian plantings, and invasive species removal. Through those activities, students learn ways to maintain healthy soil for growing food and maintain a healthy habitat for animals, too.

We’ll do hands-on learning by planting seeds, transplanting, raking, tending, weeding, tying and pruning, pollinating, harvesting, uprooting and composting of different plants currently in the garden.

The Sustainable Kitchen

We’ll create a hands-on experience in cooking to foster critical, independent thinking about health, sustainable food related issues, basic knowledge about nutrition and balanced meal preparation. The workshops will introduce the kids to the concepts of sustainable food and their different carbon footprints, showing the relationship between cooking and a healthy lifestyle. Being sustainable, when it comes to food, means understanding the consequences of food production on the health of the planet and on our own health as well as developing a set of skills necessary to become independent from the industrialized food production system. The camp experience will also raise awareness about food waste. As we help students understand the concept of the sustainable food chain, we’ll explore how resilience in the food chain can be created by innovation and social entrepreneurialism.

The lab

In our lab, we’ll explore the relationship between sustainability and technology. Campers will be invited to participate in a series of workshops to make useful and sustainable things. For example, a Birdfeeder or a simple light projector. Basic 3D printing techniques and programming will be introduced, and we’ll discover why the light is so important to power life on our planet.


We are lucky enough to host our summer camp in the amazing Valldaura estate in the hills of Collserola. Very close to the exit 4 of Ronda de Dalt and within the city of Barcelona. Here a recent Lavanguarda article about Valldaura


Program tuition is 600 euros per week-long session. Participants can sign up by writing to us at Tuition includes workshop activities and program, meals, housing and insurance. Tuition does not include transportation. If you need assistance for transportation, please get in touch with us, we will try to arrange it for you. Participants must be at least 8 years of age. Kids should be dropped at camp no later than 8:45 am on Monday, July 10th and picked up after lunch on Friday, July 14th, at 15:00.

The main language on the camp is English, however, kids that are able to understand but are not fully proficient are welcome. At the camp, we will also have gurus who speak Spanish, Italian, French, Bulgarian.


The Carbon Free Thinkers summer camp is facilitated by Diletta Parente, Mariela Atanassova, and Jonathan Minchin. Find out more about us on our team page.

Every day, each camper will participate in two workshops, and in small groups of no more than 5 students. Campers rotate through each workshop environment until completing the program. Morning and evening activities are designed for the whole group to work together. We’ll take nature walks and present master classes with a host or guest speaker.  These encounters always include a hands-on component and a candid conversation with the speaker about the work that they do, their achievements and the challenges they face.


To learn more about our program and register, send us an email at

The participants will be considered officially enrolled when they present all the documents and pay tuition in full.

If you are wondering what to pack here is a list.